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About the Village Preschool

Our school was founded 42 years ago by a small group of Bayville parents who sought to fill the need for a preschool experience for children in our village.  In 1973, with twenty-five students and two teachers, the Village Preschool began.  As we begin this school year, 39 families will benefit from all our good works.

Studies Show...

”Children whose parents are active in school and develop a good rapport with school people show a higher level of self-esteem and of reading achievements.”

- Martha Brown,
Schoolwise: A Parent’s Guide to Getting the Best Education for your Child

Our Philosophy

Our program is based on the notion that “play is the child’s work”.  Young children learn by doing.  We allow the freedom to do and direct this play in a manner that encourages a child to think.

Each new level adds materials appropriate to the age in hopes of fostering a love of learning in every child.

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