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Preschool Program & Goals

Young children learn by doing! With this in mind, our program attempts to establish developmentally appropriate activities to make learning meaningful. As teachers of young children, we do not merely give out information. We strive to provide stimulating and challenging materials in an effort to help children develop habits of observation, questioning and listening.

As facilitators of your child’s development, we recognize the notion that play is the child’s work. Through this directed play, children learn the social and emotional skills necessary for their eventual acquisition of cognitive skills. Development is a truly fascinating and wonderful phenomenon. Each stage is essential and predictable. Knowing these stages, we strive never to give your child too much -- too soon!

Age Children Hours Days
2 8 2 ¼ 2
3 10 2 ½ 3
4 15 3 4

Each level offers an enrichment day.

At the core of our program are four basic goals:

  1. Development of a secure self-esteem.
  2. Development of a good sense of respect for self and others.
  3. Development of an understanding of responsibilities.
  4. Development of a love of learning.

When these goals are accomplished, our job has been successful. With your help, we hope to make your child’s early school experience a very happy and positive one.

For a downloadable copy of our handbook and other files, please click here.