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Daily Schedule

The most valuable thing that children can learn during their early years in good programs is that they like school and that they want to come back the next day. With this in mind, our environment has been carefully planned.  Our schedule is built around familiar routines encouraging each child to experience success.  Our atmosphere is relaxed and informal, inviting children to be curious.

Through this curiosity, we strive to foster in each child the ability to think.  In this way, learning becomes intrinsic. As facilitators of learning, (not dispensers of information) we provide a structured (yet flexible) environment with plenty of room for the children to grow both inwardly and upwardly.


  1. Please do not enter the building before the appropriate hour, as teachers need the time before school to set up and to make necessary preparations.  All are welcome to use the playground before class begins.
  2. Walk your child into school, hang up outerwear and bring him/her into the classroom, letting the teacher know your child has arrived.  NEVER drop your child at the school door and drive away.  
  3. Do not congregate in the classrooms or halls to talk to other parents or teachers.  In all fairness to both the children and teachers, limit your discussions to either the parking lot or Fellowship Hall.
  4. Arrival time is 9:00.                                                          


  1. On fair weather days, when the temperature is above 32F, the children will have recess on the playground immediately prior to their dismissal from school.  On such days, pull your car up to the school STOP sign.  The teachers will escort the children to your car.  
  2. On inclement days, pull your car up to the school entrance doors.  The teachers will bring the children to your car.
  3. A child will not be allowed to go home with anyone other than his/her parents unless the teacher is notified.
  4. Dismissal times are:
    • 2’s:  11:15
    • 3’s:  11:30
    • 4’s:  12:00                            

Snack Time

  1. A mid-session snack time is scheduled for each day.  All parents are responsible for their child’s snack and juice.  
  2. Since snack time is an opportunity to teach our children the basics of good nutrition, the following snacks are preferred:
    • Fruit, cheese, dry cereal, crackers, raw vegetables.
    • Natural fruit juice rather than drinks and punches.

Field Trips

  1. Parents are asked to sign our Field Trip Permission/Medical Release Form before the start of the school year.  
  2. Students will be required to wear their red Preschool T-shirts on all school field trips.
  3. Parents will be notified of special school trips as they are planned.

Absence from School

Please call the Preschool at 628-8655 to inform us of your child’s absence.  The answering machine is checked upon arrival and several times during the day.


  1.  Enter the school parking lot SLOWLY and carefully at all times.
  2. Do not park in the row of spaces nearest the playground.
  3. Never leave your car running and NEVER leave a sibling in the car.