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Fall 2015 Newsletter

Welcome everyone!  I do hope that each of you has a great beginning experience here at the VPS.   We begin the year with 38 children—7 2’s, 14 3’s and 17 4’s.  We still have space if any of your friends are looking. 

There are always so many thank-yous!

B&E/Housekeeping, led by Marghi McDonald did a terrific job getting our play areas and our rooms ready for us!  Thanks to her and to her committee. 

Ann has already started some fundraising ideas.  She works hard to insure those extra dollars are there if and when we need them!  Please support her efforts.

Margaret Marchand set us up and provided some snacks for our GM meeting.   I am very grateful.

We are all climbing on board for the fashion show—with the help of Cathy Edwins who is co-chairing the event.  It is scheduled for Thursday, April 7th at the Crescent Club.  We hope everyone will help to make this a great night.  Bring ALL your friends, help to solicit raffle gifts, etc.  Everyone knows someone who can donate something—a gift certificate, a service, an unopened “regiftable” item, etc 

Our teachers and aides all came back with the same enthusiasm I see year after year.  We are very fortunate to have these women.  They are the glue that makes it all stick so very nicely!  I am forever indebted to each of them.

Enrichment begins on Friday, September 18th. 

Stay Days are still available for 3’s and 4’s.  Remember that Kindergarten is a full day—so a stay day here helps those 4’s get ready for a longer day next year.  Green forms are due back by Monday, September 21st so we can begin the week of the 28th.  There are extra forms in the office if you need them.

Please let me know of any changes to the class lists—address, etc.

If anyone has a question or a need to talk—I’m in the office most afternoons and Friday mornings.  Come on by!





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